Upload a Story


1. Please tell original stories or ones that are free of copyright (fairytales, sonnets, folk stories etc.) or have permission from the writer.

2. 10 minutes max. You can do lots of chapters/episodes if needed.

3. Think Jackanory. Do voices, accents and faces (while avoiding social stereotyping!). Channel Rik Mayall or Robin Williams in their pomp.

4. Tell us who your story is for (what age group), introduce yourself and tell us what you normally do with your days! Then get storytelling – make it up or read it, we dont mind.

5. Please don’t swear, drink booze or smoke while telling us your tale!

Ready to Roll?​

Now simply film yourself telling us the story.  Prop your phone up on a mug and let rip.

Be nice and loud and well lit!


Don’t panic (if this makes you panic). 

You now need to upload your film to youtube or vimeo.  (Make sure it’s public and that you tag www.thestorysharer.com in the description)

Then send me the link stories@thestorysharer.com

I will put it on the website as soon as I can.